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 lids and tanks accessories 


suction filters


plastic fittings


jets for weeding and spraying

180 tip-up lids for tanks bottom suction filters   plastic hose fittings for fly nut quick coupling caps for jets  
threaded lids breather valve closed suction filters120 Lt./m - spare parts filter 100 Lt/m. straight hose fitting threaded plastic nozzle holder - spare parts nozzle holders
rubber and  quick fitting lids  valve suction filters120 Lt./m - spare parts filter 120 Lt/m.  straight hose fitting hreaded 3-way nozzle holder  
threaded ring for flat surfaces closed suction filters150 Lt./m. - spare parts filter150 Lt/m. 90 hose fitting male threaded sviwel - dry boom nozzle holder  
tank rinsing jets-pipe holders valve suction filters150 Lt./m - spare parts filter 150 Lt/m. 90 hose fitting female thread    aste inox - fascette - morsetti  
mixers for dust and stirrers  closed suction filters220 Lt./m. - spare parts filter 220 Lt/m. 90 elbow femele/female thread anti-drip filter for jets  
hydraulic stirrers valve suction filters220 Lt./m - spare parts filter 220 Lt/m. 90 elbow mele/male threaded fan albuzADI AXI API APM -  table albuz nozzles
fast filling ejectors with filter line filters - spare parts line filter 90 elbow mele/male threaded  albuz AVI - Kematal nzzles - table nozzles AVI - kematal
anti-polluction hydroejectors brass high pressure filters   T shape fitting female thread   albuz ATR and  AMTP - table nozzles ATR
2-way ball gate valve   T shape fitting 2/f-1/m brass nozzles -  Kematal platel - table brass nozzles
glycerine gauges   T shape fitting male threaded foam marker kit  
 PVC hose and hose winder   male / male reducer spraying gun flash 2000 - spare parts flash 2000 gun
male female handwheels   male / female reducer  long range guns 'mitra' type  
flange with gasket for sprayers   female / female reducer handle and lever spraying gun  
  nipple male / male  M heads for lever / handle guns  
  fly nut nozzles for mitra guns -  table fan nozzles
  drain outlet ceramic plate for sprayers - table hollow cone nozzles
  lock ring orchard sprayer nozzles - table hollow cone nozzles
  female plastic plug low pressure lances  
  male plastic plug 'cyclone' type sprayers  
  drain outlet kit butterfly sprayers P.39  
  female coupling blue spraying booms  
  straight hose fitting praying column booms  
   90 tee fitting male threaded stainless steel booms  
  90 tee hose fitting brass fittings  
   o-ring for fitting  nipple and  ball cocks  
  flat gaskets  for fitting high press.distribution unit  
    low pressure regulation valves