Note sul sito:

The prices are shown in the small windows inside the menu bar.
To see the price of each article mouse click the field  'price' (
) and it will be shown the code and the concerning price. 

The best display is obtained with a resolution of  1024 x 768  pixels - 16 Millions  colours.

If you haven't  at your disposal a wide band connection the best advise is to download the full site compressed in the file SITOMONDIAL.ZIP and to consult it  offline: the total download time will be  about 7 min. / 56k  bps but you will prevent long delay for the download of each page.

The font is the  Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif

The navigation bars allow the following movement:
<  send you to the page of the same level preceding the actual one
>  send you to the page of the same level following the actual one
^  send you to the page of upper level

To go back to the previous page use the button  'BACK' of the  browser

On error case  or problem don't hesitate to contact me :